Frequently Asked Questions

For Fundraisers cookies are baked and delivered to the exact location of the person, company, or school that setup the Fundraiser.

The cookies are priced to be able to assist the person, company, or school with achieving their financial goals.

We currently have rates with United States Postal Service and could pass on our discounted rate of $14.50 (per dozen) on a case by case basis. Yummy Brothers is not responisblefor the cost associated with a delivery service during a fundraiser.

Every Fundraiser has a set amount of weeks that is decided on upon the person, school, or company. Meanwhile, after the time that was allotted by the organization is complete, cash monies are turned in, and everyone is accounted for. Fresh Baked Cookies will be baked and delivered within 3-14 days (distance not included)

Prizes are determined by the person, school, or company.

We currently can offer notes that will be included on the package at the fundraiser request (no charge)

We can offer a fundraiser that can be ongoing, but the fundraiser has to be on a 4 week basis.

We suggest that any fundraiser should include a trusted parent or guardian to oversee transactions or sells.

We suggest that any cash monies given are given to a trusted adult or parent. Yummy Brothers or Company(responsible for fundraising) is not responsible for monies that aren’t turned in. The safest way to ensure your funds are being accounted for is to pay online to the dedicated link provided.

Donations are greatly appreciated and could directly benefit your organization. There will be a donation button on the website that can assist with your donation.